How Do You Treat Dry Skin?

Summer has just begun and you must have already started feeling it. There are possibilities that your skin has started getting affected by the summer too. How? Skin turning oiler and dry or maybe forming wrinkles can be one of the reasons summer affecting the skin negatively.

How Do You Treat Dry Skin?

It is not only the sun that affects the skin and makes it dry or aging; some of our habits do affect our skin negatively. This results in collagen and elastin reduction, causing the skin becoming dry.

Therefore, you should avoid some of your habits to keep your skin moist and healthy.

Ways To Treat Your Dry Skin

Boycott Hot Showers

There are certain parts of the country which are cold most of the time of the year. Cold temperatures are one of the important cause that leads to dry skin. Hot showers are responsible for stripping away the natural oils of your body. Instead, dermatologists recommend taking not so hot showers, and then pat yourself dry using a soft towel. It helps you retain moisture balance within the skin.

Avoid Hot Showers

Drink Milk

Drinking milk can help you to reduce skin dryness. A 2015 study found a diet including milk can improve dry skin. The research found phospholipid, a fat in the milk improved the skin barrier in mice. Drinking milk daily can help your skin to hydrate properly by providing maximum moisture. Also, milk can help shred pigmented skin cells that can help reduce tan, dark patches and spots.

Soak Yourself In It

It is essential to make use of moisturizer to your body every time.  Some dermatologists recommend relaxing in a bathtub of tepid water till the time you feel the fingertips getting wrinkled and stay like this for however long it takes. Your skin has the ability to holding on to water, and this is a unique way of getting the body hydrated. Some oils can help the skin to enhance naturally while promoting hydration.

Bath Tub Can Relax Your Mind And Skin

Make Use Of Oil

Winters are the perfect time to get on Flaxseed Oil and Fish Oil. Apart from being highly good for your health as these oils are a rich source of Omega-3, they also help to maintain the suppleness of your skin. Also, coconut oil can help enhance skin health, improves skin hydration and increase lipid fats. The saturated fatty acids and emollient properties of coconut oil can help moisturize skin.

Avoid Summer Products

Make use of a rich cream instead of a mild lotion. This will help your skin make a huge difference. Lotions are thinner, and thicker creams are emollient. By switching your summer product which is a light warm weather lotion for a creamier and richer more penetrating cream. Use skin creams that have antioxidants and peptides as it provides safe results as well as cause no side-effects.

Creams With Antioxidants And Peptides Can Treat Dryness

Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is one of the skin experts that naturally improve skin health and maintains accordingly. The gel of Aloe Vera can help relief from dry skin and its anti-bacterial properties can fight skin allergies. The gel can act as a natural moisturizer that helps the skin to hydrate healthily and prevent skin drying. The rich nutrients of Aloe Vera can help also help you to combat aging and skin acne.

Refrain From Using Soap

Various soaps lead to skin getting dry. Therefore, it is important to wash with a liquid soap but ensure the products is a non-soap cleanser. As per medical professionals, it is recommended to look for cleansers or moisturizers which contain botanicals and plant extracts. For example, chamomile and lavender can help your body to replenish naturally. Botanicals assist the skin to sooth well, and ideal for wind chapped or exposed skin.

Use Honey On The Skin

Some researches show honey to be beneficial for numerous skin diseases. Honey can help skin healing and moisturizing and have anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities of honey can help soothe your skin while treating dryness. Also, the anti-bacterial properties can help treat infection and provides skincare.

Use Honey To Promote Skin Hydration


Skin dryness is also caused by aging or environmental factors too. So, if you notice skin drying, you can speak to your doctor and take steps towards healthy skin.

The points mentioned above are secrets to help you kick dry skin to the curb. These routines shall contribute to keeping the skin moisturized and well nourished. Even during summers or winters, you can flaunt a vibrant glow with supple and youthful appearing skin.

It is not hidden that natural ways take time to show results and so is habits and lifestyle change. But you can use good quality skin creams to keep the skin radiant, healthy and hydrated.

Skin creams with essential nutrients can help increase collagen levels in the body. With the increased collagen levels, you can notice skin health improvement as well as dryness reduction.

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