How To Choose A Good Skin Moisturizer?

Skin cleansers and moisturizers are vital skincare products which help to nourish and soothes dry skin. The skin moisturizer works by locking the moisture balance into the outer layer of the skin. It also pulls the moisture from the inner layers of the skin to the outer layers.

How To Choose A Good Skin Moisturizer?

The essential compounds that help to seal moisture levels with the skin are petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, and dimethicone. Also, compounds such as glycerin, propylene glycol, proteins, urea, and vitamins are responsible for pulling hydration into the outer layers of the skin.

There are various moisturizers which make use of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which exfoliates the dead skin. If you have a dead skin issue, then dermatologists recommend making use of AHA based moisturizers.

Finding Yourself The Right Moisturizer

Initially, this is a trial and error method that you would need to apply. But keep the patience till you find yourself the right product that works well.

Make use of the below-mentioned guidelines when you go shopping for moisturizer. If you do not end up getting results you wish, try a new one the next time.

Make A Note Of The Ingredients

When you choose a moisturizer, look for the common active ingredients which are lanolin, glycerin and petrolatum. As per scientific research Glycerin is less like to have an allergic reaction as compared to lanolin.

It is also recommended to make use of a moisturizer that is manufactured by a reputable company.

Make A Note Of The Ingredients

Ensure The Moisturizer Has Sunscreen

Protecting your skin against the harsh UV rays of the sun is the best skin care regime you can work on towards maintaining the youthfulness of your skin. So ensure to choose a moisturizer that has an inbuilt sun protection factor of at least SPF 30.

You will need to do some researching before getting the best product. However, there are lots of companies who offer face and body moisturizers with sunscreen.

Ensure The Moisturiser Has Sunscreen

Choose A Moisturizer As Per Your Skin Type

The facial skin is thin and sensitive and hence it is recommended to choose a moisturizer for your face differently and a separate one for your body. As per Dermatologists, it is recommended buying one such moisturizer that is labeled ‘non-comedogenic’ as you can be sure of the fact that it won’t clog the skin pores.

Also, ensure to choose the moisturizer as per your skin type. If you have sensitive skin it is good to make use of hypoallergenic moisturizer for oily skin, you will require an oil-free moisturizer, and for dry skin, you will need a richer creamy moisturizer.

In case you have combination skin, you may go with a choice to use the lighter moisturizer which will suit the face and dab heavier cream on the dry areas of the skin.

Choose A Moisturiser As Per Your Skin Type

Make Use Of Retinol Based Moisturizer Before Bed

One of the best sources of Vitamin A for the skin is Retinol. It supports the skin by promoting the speed at which your skin cell turns over.

You can get Retinol based moisturizer over the counter or even by prescriptions. Make use of this carefully as it may also lead to skin irritation, skin redness or skin dryness.

Make Use Of Retinol Based Moisturiser Before Bed

Bottom Line

By reading this, you will have a fair knowledge of the right moisturizer product you should use. This could help you prevent dry skin and even camouflage wrinkles. Ensure to take advantage of a moisturizer that works on your skin well.

Your skin is like a sponge that is dried out, and the moisturizer you use on it will help this sponge to soak water and be absorbed. Think of your skin working precisely in the same way and provide it with ample hydration and nourishment.

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